Swarm and its two visionary founders.

Meet the two visionaries that founded Swarm Digital

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Matthew Weitzman


Matt is our “tech guru,” with 12 years industry experience. His background is in web application architecture, WordPress development, HTML, PHP and application programming interface integration (API). Don’t get him started talking about mark-up, tracking codes, security protocols, or the optimal way to architect a database unless you’re willing to geek out for a long time. In short: he’s our brilliant tech wizard.

In his spare time you can find him preparing elaborate meals, playing with his ridiculously-cute Frenchie, or going for a run alongside New York City’s beautiful East river. 

David Fugit


David is a marketing and project management force of nature. Using a 14-year career to guide him, he meticulously crafts user experience, brand stories, conversion processes, and value into each element of every project. His goal is to make sure that you, the client, feel like you’ve found a marketing partner in Swarm, and not just another vendor. He ensures communication is clear and timely, and that you never feel lost or in the dark, but rather; empowered as a collaborator in the process.

In his spare time he reads mountains of books, writes epic music, write both fiction and non-fiction, plays outdoor sports, and spends quality time with his two young daughters, his family, and friends in the sunny State of Florida.

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And the team doesn't stop here!

The Swarm founders have built a dedicated team of professionals to help service every account at maximum efficiency.

About The Company: Swarm Digital

Swarm Digital Marketing was proudly established in 2019 with offices in New York City, and Tampa, Florida. This effort was the culmination of the founders’ combined 25-years experience in the digital marketing industry. They’ve taken everything they’ve learned along the way, an extensive network of marketing geniuses, the changing nature of workplace and industry, and they’ve created something their clients can cheer: a digital marketing agency that works for you.

Swarm is a full-service digital marketing agency. Review Swarm’s services here

Swarm Digital as Innovators

Swarm Digital is the company that invented the WordPress plugin: SwarmSEO. SwarmSEO is a technology that does one simple thing: it drives local visitors to your website. How does it do it? Simple. People search for local businesses, products, and services with the intent to buy. 4 out of 5 local searches result in a purchase. Proximity or location is often included in their search query: “flower shop near me” or “flower shop in Tampa, FL”. There are hundreds, and sometimes thousands of variations, and if your website doesn’t have content that matches exactly with these search term variations: your business is missing out on these opportunities. SwarmSEO solves this problem.