Website Development Services

This page describes the Internet and technology services we offer to our clients; most prominently website design. Visit our Marketing Services and Branding Services pages to learn more about those service categories. Click "Capabilities" in the main menu to find a complete list of services we offer.

Multiple devices showing responsive web design
Responsive web design ensures your website looks great on all devices.

Web Design and Development

We build websites for our clients. We redesign websites that have aged or need new functionality. We add to and extend existing websites. We maintain these sites once they are up and running. Website design and website development form the core of many online and digital strategies. If you need website design or development work then contact us, because this is exactly what we do.

WordPress : Custom Themes Design & Development

We are WordPress experts. You’ve probably heard of WordPress. It was released in 2003 and has grown into a global phenomenon. The majority (61.8%) of all websites on the Internet that utilize a Content Management System (CMS) were built using WordPress. We develop custom themes for our clients. We do not use templates unless our clients specifically ask us to do so. If you want a WordPress site then give us a chance to earn your business. This is what we do. 

Price Range: Starts at less than $10k.

Ecommerce : WordPress , Shopify & Magento

We build ecommerce websites. Ecommerce websites take orders and process payments online. Those are the defining characteristics. If you want to take orders and accept payments on your website then you need an ecommerce solution. We have experience with multiple platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. If you have an online store, or would like to build one, let us help.

Price Range: Starts at less than $10k.

Web Application and Software Development

We produce custom web applications. Some businesses have such specific needs, or have truly innovative ideas, that custom software needs to be developed. Sometimes the software serves the client’s operations directly. Other times the software is meant to actually be the service that is being sold. That’s what we call “Software as a Service (Saas)”. If you have a complex web idea, or an SaaS idea, we can build it for you.

Mobile App Development

There’s an app for that! Forgive the pun. We’re also comedians (if you couldn’t tell). The rise of the mobile phone has created a booming and expanding market for mobile applications (apps). We produce mobile apps. Similar to the SaaS service, sometimes the apps help our clients operate, and sometimes the apps are meant to serve their clients. Either way, if you  have a mobile app idea, we want to be your team. 

Price Range: requires a Discover Phase. Those start at around $2500. Mobile Apps and Web Apps vary dramatically, based on the project. Expect to spend anywhere between $25k – $150k+.

Person working on a mobile app at desk
Swarm loves designing mobile apps! Have a great idea? Let us know.



Technology Consultation

We want to be your partner. Rather than us being another vendor in your list of vendors, we take the time to consult with you, learn your challenges, and provide responsible recommendations. Utilize us as technology consultants. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Focus on what you’re good at: operating your business; and let us add value to your operation by providing expert technology advice.

Price Range: your initial consultation is free. $150 per hour after that.