Branding Services

If you own a business or offer a service then you are a brand owner. We help you produce, maintain, and leverage your brand. All of our services relate to branding, but this page describes a few services that are closely related to branding activities. Click "Capabilities" in the main menu to find a complete list of services we offer.

Branding team at work
Branding team hard at work

Brand Development

We offer brand development services. This service produces a full understanding of the brand. We help our clients position their brand in the market to maximize their chances of success. If you have a brand idea, a brand that needs work, or want to take your successful brand to the next level then you need the branding experts at Swarm.

Logo Design

We produce logos for our clients. Logos are sometimes thought of interchangeably with “brand” but this is not entirely true. A logo–sometimes called a logo mark, or a brand mark–is an important piece of the larger branding puzzle. Our logos are delivered in a “logo package” that includes a variety of file types and colors, and can be used on any professional application, such as screen, print, signage, or promotional products. If you need a new logo or want to refresh an existing logo, hire us. We’ve produced hundreds of high-quality logos over the years.

Price Range: starts at $1,200

Content Creation

Content is King. We produce content for our clients. Don’t think of content as just words. Think of content as the stuff your visitors interact with. Content includes words, images, charts, videos, audio, interactive forms, articles, blogs, graphics, etc … In today’s hyper-competitive market you need high-quality content. Hire us to work with you to produce content.

Price Range: starts at $1,500 per month

Graphic Design

We offer graphic design services to our clients. Graphic design is one of those disciplines that touch on so many elements of digital marketing. If you operate a business then at some point you will need a graphic designer. But don’t worry about managing one yourself, instead, hire a company like ours to do it for you. 

Price Range: Hourly


In marketing, copy is a term that refers to text written for a specific marketing purpose. What you’re reading now is copy. Copy sells, informs, persuades, guides. If you run a business it’s arguable that your copy is your most important digital asset. To get the most out of your copy you must hire a professional copywriter. At Swarm writing copy is serious business. It’s wordsmithing. It’s craft. It’s a passion. If you want the best copy then you want to hire us. 

Price Range: $0.30 per word (500-word minimum)

Copywriter at work with a notepad and a laptop
Copywriting is one of the most important tasks in a marketing campaign.

Packaging and Labeling

We offer packaging and labeling services. Physical products often require a container (bottle, bag, jar, etc …) and a package (box, container, wrap, etc …). With this service we help you determine materials, colors, costs, functionality, labels, printing press services, and more. Packaging and labeling can be the thing that makes a customer pick your product off the shelf rather than a competitor’s.

Price RangeContact Us



Brand Consultation

You’re a brand owner, but you may not be a branding expert. We’re branding experts. We want to help you develop a voice, a message, and a resonance in your target demographics. We want to help you position your brand in the market in such a way that maximizes your success and ROI. We offer brand consultation services. If you need branding, you need us.

Price Range: initial consultation is free!