Looking for an SEO company in Howard Beach, New York, (11414)? Swarm offers hyperlocal SEO services in your area.

Do you need more local visitors on your website? We drive local traffic and leads to your website and your business.

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Kinda like one of those punch cards you get at the coffee shop: purchase six months of the SwarmSEO product and get the 7th month free. 

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Swarm Digital is making SEO affordable for Howard Beach businesses just like yours. If you read nothing else: read this first section to learn why.

The same SEO techniques used to generate this page (yes, the page you’re reading) are available to you right now. The proprietary plugin “SwarmSEO” produced this result. It produces a page for every city that you believe contains potential customers. And since we believe there are potential customers in Howard Beach, NY, here we are.

You searched for a service, probably included a location in your search, and now you’re on our website. This is our proof to you that our product works. We want to do the same thing for your business.

We invented SwarmSEO. Does your Howard Beach area business need more local visitors on your website? If the answer is yes, contact us right now. We will schedule a free consultation.

What is SwarmSEO?

SwarmSEO is a WordPress plugin. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is. We invented and developed the plugin. You can’t get it anywhere else. In short: it creates a webpage for every city, town, or neighborhood that you would like to gain customers from. Those webpages are then added to your website. The SwarmSEO plugin manages all of those pages in real time. The plugin leverages automation technology to keep the cost as low as possible so you can see an ROI faster.

Graphic of your website without SwarmSEO
Graphic of your website with SwarmSEO

80% of local mobile-searches result in a purchase within one day.

55% of conversions happen within one hour of the local search. SwarmSEO targets these searches for your business. The interest is already there. This gives you a chance to earn that business.
Research indicates that people using location-based keywords have strong purchasing intent. This is true for both desktop and mobile users.

Example Searches

  • flower shop in Howard Beach
  • personal injury lawyer near 11414
  • pediatrician near me, 11414

These people are ready to buy.
Because of the rise in voice search, data also shows a trend towards long-tail “conversational” search queries, such as “where can I find the best flower shop in Howard Beach that offers orange orchids”. If you don’t have content on your site that strongly matches these queries then you are missing out on potential business. SwarmSEO solves this problem by adding this content to your website.
Our proprietary SEO software uses your location, your website, and the products or services you want to sell more of, and creates a special type of landing page for every nearby city, town, neighborhood, zip code, or some other type of local point of interest. We call this level of targeting “hyperlocal”. We call the special landing page a “Swarm Page”.

“How does hyperlocal SEO work? I need an SEO company for my business near Howard Beach (11414).”

When you purchase a SwarmSEO campaign you will be working closely with one of our SEO and digital marketing experts. We assign every account a Swarm Digital expert. They guide you through the process, which can be generalized into five steps (shown below).

Stylized quote from the article

The 5 steps on how to set up a Hyperlocal SEO campaign

The rest of this web page will walk you through a simplified version of what this process looks like. We want you to imagine how this might work for your Howard Beach area website or business.


Swarm evaluates your website, Internet presence, and general business practices.


  • Design, User Interface (UI), and User Experience (UX)
  • Mobile & tablet responsiveness (CSS)
  • Call-to-actions
  • Site speed
  • 3rd-party integrations

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • HTML markup (meta tags, <h> tags, etc …) 
  • Schema, rich snippets
  • Traffic levels, keywords, backlinks, competition
  • Site speed vs. load time vs. exit rate

Internet Presence / Reputation / Exposure

  • Business listings (directories, websites, maps)
  • Reviews / online reputation
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc…)

3 Business Practices to Evaluate

  • Services, products, revenue
  • Growth capacity and goals
  • Current “pain points”

The SwarmSEO approach works best if your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) basics are healthy. We help our clients get their on-site SEO up to speed. A thorough review of your Internet presence gives us a baseline and identifies opportunity. 

A good SEO campaign needs to make the business money, right?

We learn how your business makes money. What products and services would benefit the most from our campaign? What business systems need to integrate into the campaign for it to turn visitors into customers? Do we need to implement unique tracking phone numbers, lead forms, or other tracking methods?

Map showing locations that you're missing by relying on GMB
Map showing you all of the locations you can capture by using SwarmSEO


Many businesses rely too much on Google My Business. That’s a problem. A Swarm Pages campaign can be part of the solution.

PROBLEM: Your business is probably not capturing as much local search traffic as it could. You may be overly relying on Google My Business (GMB), social media, and pay-per-click advertising.

Look at the above-image:

  • Google My Business (GMB) leans heavily on proximity to the searcher. This is a fairly-small range. Estimated by the green circle.
  • Red X’s represent customers outside of the GMB range. Would you turn these customers away? Probably not.
  • Look at the locations of the red X’s and green checkmarks. Do you have optimized content on your site designed to capture all of this traffic? Probably not. Most businesses don’t. This is one of the reasons we invented SwarmSEO.
  • How much business are you losing to your competitors that are showing up for these searches?


Swarm Pages connect people searching with local purchasing intent to your business. Look at the below-image. All of those locations are now green checks because your site will have a unique web page for every location. And it’s all managed by our proprietary WordPress plugin.

  • We design and install new local web pages on your site. We call each one of these a “Swarm Page”.
  • The content is focused on the specific products or services your potential customers are searching for.
  • The content is localized for all of the locations you want to service (i.e., cities, towns, neighborhoods).
  • Your business now has a better chance to show up on these searches and convert this traffic into customers.
Stylized chart showing business listing websites


PROBLEM: The Internet is changing the world and most businesses aren’t prepared.

  • There are 100’s of sites scraping your data right now. Are you controlling that?
  • 20% of search is done with voice. By 2021 that number will be well over 50%. Are you ready?
  • Mobile phones are losing ground because smart devices like Google Home, Alexa, and Siri are gaining.
  • How are you preparing for this new world?

SOLUTION: Include Swarm ECOSYSTEM as part of your SwarmSEO campaign. ECOSYSTEM is a Monthly SEO service that controls and maintains the accuracy of the details being shown about your business within this sprawling “ecosystem” of websites.

Look at the above-image

  • These sites get 2.5x more views than a typical business website.
    • 10x more views if your business is a restaurant.
  • 100+ direct data integrations give you unprecedented control over your brand.
    • 347% – 416% more listing views if you’re integrated and managing these listings.

We lock down your data.

  • This means the public can’t update details about your business without you knowing or authorizing it. 
  • Real-Time updates. Synced and consistent.

Structured Data

Google, Apple, Amazon, Bing (Microsoft, Cortana) are all creating intelligent systems that rely on something we call “structured data” to learn, store, and convey facts about your business.

Structured Data is installed on your site using industry-standard “Schema” markup language.

Facts about your business can now be delivered to these intelligent systems, such as:

Stylized chart of websites and technologies utilizing virtual assistants
  • Name and Brand Logo
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Hours of Operation
  • Holiday Hours
  • Pics and Videos
  • Reviews
  • Directions (driving, walking, public transit)
  • Menu Items
  • List of Services
  • Special Deals
  • Featured Messages
  • And much more … 

The Future

… is closer than you think. The tech giants are just getting started. We expect that this trend of delivering structured answers via intelligent systems will only continue to grow.

Soon enough, details about your business will be accessed by other intelligent systems like self-driving cars from Uber and Tesla. It’s happening. Further out, think: virtual reality (VR), drones, sensors, and even smart clothing.

Gone are the days …

Keeping your website and your Google My Business profile up-to-date is not enough. You need a more-robust, integrated, and future-proof solution for your business. Swarm “ECOSYSTEM” is a Monthly SEO service designed to solve these problems. We recommend including this as part of a “Swarm Pages” campaign.

Image of a laptop showing analytics


Each campaign requires an analytics package. Some packages are more detailed than others. It depends on what your business needs are. Never miss a beat again: notice trends, keep an eye on competitors, and then use this data to make smart business decisions.

The follow are some of the analytics categories that we pay attention to:

Website Analytics

  • Organic Traffic
  • Keywords
  •  Competitors
  • Bounce Rate
  • Landing Pages
  • SEO Warnings

Business Analytics

  • Goal Completion
  • Cost Per Acquisition
  • Call Reports
  • Contact / Lead Forms

Ecosystem Analytics

  • Listing Accuracy
  • Listing Views
  • Reputation (Reviews)
  • Direction Requests
  • Call Requests
  • Competitors
Computers and mobile devices and a quote


SwarmSEO is a WordPress plugin. Swarm Digital designed it. But we do a lot more than just SEO. We are a full-service digital marketing agency. Our clients often need services in addition to our SEO product.

Looking for any of these services in Howard Beach, NY 11414? Then Swarm Digital is your team. Below you will find our select capabilities. 

Web Design and Development

  • Web Design and Development
  • WordPress, Custom Themes
  • Mobile First & Responsive
  • Ecommerce: Shopify, Magento
  • Mobile First & Responsive
  • Web Application Development
  • Web Strategy Consulting

Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Swarm SEO WordPress Plugin
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media (Organic/ Paid)
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Consulting

Branding Service

  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design
  • Content Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Branding Consultation
Quote from the article

Why SwarmSEO?

“What makes your SEO different from any other Howard Beach 11414 SEO company out there?” — A common question

You may already work with an SEO. Or maybe you have worked with one in the past. You may even have an in-house team that handles SEO. The first question is: have you ever seen an integrated SEO approach like the one you just saw? Perhaps, but likely not. If you do have an in-house team that handles your SEO, then that’s the best-case scenario. They will be able to leverage the power of SwarmSEO and manage everything from the backend of your WordPress website.

3 core differences between a SwarmSEO campaign and the “other guys”

  1. Swarm Pages
    • We’ve packaged SEO best practices together, such as; inbound content, markup, and hyperlocal targeting. Do you have local landing pages targeting every relevant city, town, and neighborhood on your website? Probably not. This is what we do.
  2. Technology
    • Are you directly integrated with 100+ sites and apps that serve details about your business to the public? We are.
  3. Futureproof
    • Are you ready for the Internet of tomorrow? What about the Internet of today? We keep your site up-to-code, and your business up-to-speed. The future of connected business requires experts like those working at Swarm Digital
  • Is your SEO doing all of this? Can you do all of this on your own?How much money are you losing because you’re not running a Swarm campaign?Swarm Digital is a search engine optimization company offering hyper local SEO services in the Howard Beach, NY 11414 area, and nearby areas. Our primary offices are physically located in the Tampa (FL) and New York (NY) areas.

How much does SwarmSEO cost?

Want to try SwarmSEO? We offer a free evaluation. If you want to move forward we draft a proposal that will include all of the costs and requirements to launch the campaign. 

The SwarmSEO software is paid on a monthly basis. Cost depends on how many Swarm Pages are included in your campaign. SwarmSEO is a licensed service. The license payment model gives you maximum flexibility for the times when you may want or need to pause the campaign.

A thorough SwarmSEO campaign may also include other elements, such as ECOSYSTEM, creation of digital assets, copywriting, consulting, and so forth. Naturally, these activities have their own costs associated with them. Campaign elements like these are discovered and discussed in the evaluation and proposal process. 

Before you get started you will have a clear idea of what the campaign includes and how much it will cost your business. The majority of our clients are seeing positive returns on their SwarmSEO campaigns and delivering beaming reviews.

Are you ready to get started with SwarmSEO?

Do you want to learn more? Do you need an SEO company in Howard Beach, 11414? Contact us today.

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