Swarm Digital Client Dan’s Dog Walking Owner Recognized as 2021 Pet Sitter of the Year
  • December 2nd, 2020
  • Community Spotlight
  • David Fugit

Picture of Daniel Reitman holding a dog with award logo

We here at Swarm Digital are proud to report that our client Dan’s Dog Walking’s owner, Daniel Reitman, has been recognized by Pet Sitters International (PSI) as 2021 Pet Sitter of the Year™. 

We are sharing this news with you as part of our Community Spotlight Program. We select clients, or businesses that we admire, and promote them like this with the goal of raising awareness about these extraordinary businesses. We selected Dan’s Dog Walking to be our first Community Spotlight because the news of his upcoming award impressed us, and quite frankly, we just love animals here at Swarm.

Check out part of PSI’s statement:

“Our association is comprised of some of the most professional, educated and caring pet-care business owners in the industry, so selecting a winner for this top honor is no easy task for the judging panel,” said PSI President Beth Stultz-Hairston. “With his extensive pet-care experience and business savvy, along with his innovation, creativity and commitment to giving back to his community, Daniel exemplifies the qualities needed to succeed in professional pet care.”

Read the whole statement here: Pet Sitters International names 2021 Pet Sitter of the Year™

Amazing, right?

Dan’s Dog Walking is a pet-care company servicing the New York City and Long Island areas. Do you live or know pet owners in those areas? If so, check out Dan’s Dog Walking (website link) today. They offer services such as walks, medical visits, in-home overnight sitting, cat visits, and care for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and other small animals. If you have a pet and live in those areas, they can help you. We enjoy working with Dan specifically because every person in his company loves animals and they approach their care from that perspective. When you hire Dan’s Dog Walking, the people caring for your pets aren’t just people off the streets like you might get with the “Ubers” of pet care. They’re trained employees of one of the most well-respected pet-care companies in the country. Contact them today!

Thank you for taking the time to read our first edition of Swarm’s Community Spotlight.