What a SEMRush Partner Agency Can Do for You
  • April 11th, 2022
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Is there a magic lever you have to pull to get the Internet working for you? Is it alchemy? Luck? Money? What does it take for your business to be in the top search results when customers search the web? It’s a process called search engine optimization (SEO) and, admittedly, it’s a lot of work. If you select the right partner, the results can be profitable for all involved. In this article, we’ll look at a vital tool for boosting search rankings: SEMRush. You’ll learn what it is and why it’s an invaluable service. You’ll discover how Swarm Digital, a SEMRush Partner Agency, can leverage SEMRush to your advantage. Finally, you can take a free SEO Audit and find out where you stand right now.

What Is SEMRush?

Learning SEO can be mind-meltingly complex. There are dozens of terms, and more keep appearing regularly. Worse are the acronyms: SEO specialists love them more than the Navy does.

Google doesn’t help. Developers constantly struggle to keep up with the Emperor of search engines and its many competitors. The Big G’s processes change often—sometimes drastically—and search engine pros have to be nimble.  

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Even on the web, though, “a hammer is a hammer.” What does that quote mean? It means good tools work, always. Has there been a tool that has worked consistently for SEO specialists for years? Yes. There’s one in particular that has killed it since 2008. It’s called SEMRush.

What does SEMRush do? Quite a lot. Put short, SEMRush scours Google and Bing and identifies keywords that result in web traffic. Then, it helps search engine optimization professionals develop content that wins. It ranks sites, detects search volume, and helps give direction to paid web campaigns. Here’s where the news gets really good. If the question is, “what exactly do I need to do to improve my site’s search rankings?” SEMRush is a tool that develops the answer.

But wait—there are a billion apps that claim to do that, right? So who cares? How do you know you can trust SEMRush? Good question. SEMRush has helped thousands of companies move their web presence to the next level. PC Magazine called it “a powerful all-in-one SEO platform” and “an SEO optimization tool that can do almost everything for your business.” And it’s been growing. Wikipedia tells us that, since 2008, SEMRush has grown to nearly $150 million in revenue with almost 1000 employees in four countries. This is a hammer.

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What Is a SEMRush Partner Agency?

As the company has grown in performance and credibility, SEMRush has developed an official Partner Agency program. It’s a certification that says, “When you hire a SEMRush Partner Agency, you’re getting someone who knows what they’re doing.” If you want to use SEMRush to its full effect, working with a Partner helps to ensure that. When you hire an Agency Partner like Swarm Digital, you’re putting our expertise in your back pocket.

Swarm Digital believes in SEMRush and has leveraged it for clients in market segments ranging from finance to fitness. With over two decades of combined experience in search engine optimization, we are passionate about what SEMRush can do for you.

Point of interest: When an organization becomes a Partner Agency, SEMRush provides it a ranking from 0-5. Swarm Digital’s rating is 4.9.

Swarm Digital + SEMRush = Search Engine Optimization Gains

No, there’s no magic lever you need to pull—just a toolbox you need to open. You can take clear, actionable steps to be found on the web. It’s not alchemy, luck, or money. It’s picking the right partner.

If you’ve read this far, you want to know two things. First, how can SEMRush help you make money? Second, who are the right people to get it working for you?  

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Consider Swarm Digital. We’re a small agency focused on clear, concise communication. We’re accessible. We bring decades of search engine optimization experience to the table. And over the years, we’ve discovered tools that work effectively. SEMRush is one of our favorites. Why? Because when you know how to use it—and we do—it works.

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