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  • March 31st, 2023
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Title graphic for the article featuring Paul McBeth throwing at Throw Down the Mountain

Discraft’s 2023 Sun King’s Throw Down the Mountain XI: Drone Coverage Sponsored by Swarm Digital Marketing

 Join The Disc Golf Guy as he takes us on a journey through Throw Down the Mountain (TDTM). On March 31st, at the Gran Canyon Disc Golf Course in Brooksville, FL, the FPO and MPO fields played round one of Discraft 2023 Sun King’s TDTM XI.

second supporting graphic for the article featuring a drone which The Disc Golf Guy used for footage.

With MPO and FPO drone coverage, The Disc Golf Guy, delivers a captivating experience for disc golf fans, like ourselves, worldwide. Be sure to check out the footage on The Disc Golf Guy’s YouTube channel.

The Disc Golf Guy and Swarm Digital Marketing: A Winning Team

Our new collaboration with The Disc Golf Guy is transforming the way we experience TDTM. You will be amazed by the FPO and MPO drone-cam hole previews, that have captured stunning footage of TDTM. It really wouldn’t be the same without The Disc Golf Guy out there doing his thing. So, Join him as he unveils the stunning Gran Canyon Disc Golf Course in Brooksville, FL – the perfect backdrop for an event such as TDTM. 

Why We Decided to Collaborate with The Disc Golf Guy

The Disc Golf Guy, Terry, has a decade-long history with Discraft’s TDTM event. From the early days of playing, to today’s cutting-edge drone coverage, Terry has been an integral part of this thrilling journey. To add, We here at Swarm have personal roots at TDTM. One of the owners lives about an hour South of the property, and he regularly competes in the amateur division. So it made sense to join forces and bring you the best coverage of TDTM! We’re also proud to call Sun King a client of Swarm’s – everyone’s success at this event is important to us.

third supporting graphic for the article featuring a quote from co-founder of Swarm Digital Marketing - We love disc golf here at swarm digital. We don't all play, but i'm working on that. We connected with The Disc Golf Guy, Terry, last year and worked on a minor sponsorship deal. It was great.

“So this year we wanted to support the effort in a bigger way. We’re extremely excited to be a part of bringing everyone this coverage, especially with all the hype since Paul McBeth dropped that bombshell announcement about purchasing the property with Dylan Cease. Go to the event in person, if you can. It’s amazing. And definitely watch coverage on The Disc Golf Guy.” 

– David Fugit, founder and co-owner, Swarm Digital


Throw Down The Mountain

Learn everything you need to know about the event by visiting the official website:


Support the sponsors of this event. Once again Discraft, the event’s title sponsor, has come through in a huge way to make this event possible.

Sun King

Support Sun King, the event’s other primary title sponsor, by going to and browsing their incredible disc golf inventory.

The Disc Golf Guy

Support the Disc Golf Guy by watching all of his coverage on YouTube.

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