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  • November 8th, 2022
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The Best Digital Marketing Services for Your Business

Digital marketing is an important cornerstone for modern brands, and for good reason. Many of your most important consumers are online, and reaching them effectively and compellingly is vital for your brand’s long-term health and profitability. But digital marketing done wrong can cost you a fortune, all while barely making a difference in your conversion rate and other major KPIs.

When you need any type of digital marketing done, Swarm Digital Marketing can help. In fact, we’re pros at many different digital marketing services. Here’s a basic breakdown of the things we can do for your business as soon as you give us a call.

Image quote: A great website behind with a top-tier design

Website Design NYC for Form and Function

A great website begins with a top-tier design. Navigability and aesthetics go hand-in-hand when you hire Swarm for website design services.

As WordPress professionals, we can help you build a stellar business website or eCommerce shop from scratch. Or, if you already have a digital domain in your name, let us break out our tools and rework that site from the ground up for better conversion and easier navigation for your core consumers.

Website Development to Impress Your Audience

Maybe you need a website created, not just designed. In that case, Swarm can help. While we can build you a new website, we can also:

  • Redesign and rework your website if it has aged or if it needs new functionality, like integrated shopping carts or new forms of online payments
  • Add to or extend existing websites
  • Maintain your website once it’s up and running

A good digital marketing strategy starts with a fantastic website and a compelling landing page. When you contract with Swarm, you’ll get that landing page – and that excellent website! – right from the get-go.
Image Quote: A good digital marketing strategy starts with a fantastic website and a compelling landing page

WordPress Development Experts in NYC

Part of our magic comes from the fact that we are WordPress experts. With over 10 years of experience in WordPress development, Swarm Digital Marketing can use this content management system to its maximum extent, including developing custom themes for our clients. We don’t even touch templates unless you specifically tell us to do so. To drill down into it; WordPress is a popular content management system that is used by millions of people all over the world. It is a great solution for small business website development, especially those small businesses in NYC, as it allows busy clients to easily manage their own websites. WordPress is also very user-friendly, making it a great choice for those who are not experienced in website development. In this section, we will discuss some of the benefits of using WordPress for small business website development.

Swarm Digital utilizes WordPress to build state-of-the-art websites for our clients.  WordPress can cover small brochure sites from 1-5 pages, eCommerce with the integration of WooCommerce, or full membership websites, if you’re in the market to build a community with a paid subscription. WordPress is a very scalable platform, which means that it can grow with your business. As your business grows, you can add new features to your WordPress website. WordPress also has all the best practices for Search Engine Optimization! With the help of Swarm, your website can be optimized and rank on page 1 of Google in no time. Contact Swarm today to see how we can help build your WordPress website.

Image of the Best eCommerce Website Development Service in NYC

The Best eCommerce Website Development Service in Manhattan, NYC

Many of the best online brands use functional, great-looking eCommerce shops. That’s why Swarm Digital also builds eCommerce websites that can take orders and process payments online quickly and easily.

Have a platform in mind? Swarm Digital can work with or build you a new eCommerce shop on platforms like Shopify, WordPress – WooCommerce, and Magento. Don’t worry about bootstrapping a new online store from scratch. Let Swarm do the hard work for you – we’ll take all of your custom features or preferences into account to make sure it does exactly what you need it to.

It doesn’t matter the industry, whether you’re selling B2B or B2C, sporting accessories, skincare, apparel, or food, Swarm is the best team for your eCommerce needs. Small sites may include 1-5 products or services, larger eCommerce sites may include upwards of 100s if not 1000s of products. We can handle it all. Contact Swarm Digital Marketing for more information on building an eCommerce site for your business.

Image of 5 Digital Marketing Services in NYC for all your Needs

5 Digital Marketing Services in NYC for All Needs

At our core, Swarm is a digital marketing firm that helps businesses small and large alike achieve their goals and reach their target audiences. That’s why we offer a wide range of digital marketing services.

  1. Search Engine Marketing

    It all starts with search engine marketing or SEM. SEM is a form of Internet marketing that helps websites attract more visitors. This type of marketing can be done through paid advertising, which can help website owners get their sites in front of more people. Paid advertising is not the only way to increase your website’s visibility in search engines, however; there are other things you can do as well, which you’ll see as you read further.

    Swarm Digital can create and carry out a complex and effective search engine marketing campaign for your brand using tools like display ads, PPC or pay-per-click ads, and much more. Whether you want to focus your campaign on Google, Bing, or both, Swarm’s search engine marketing team will produce results that make your balance sheet look great in no time.

  2. The Best Search Engine Optimization Company in NYC to Bring You Organic Traffic

    Then there’s SEO: One of Swarm Digital Marketing’s primary specialties that can help make a difference in your marketing. Good search engine optimization draws organic traffic to your site, getting the best bang for your marketing buck.

    We use SEO in NYC both for the digital marketing campaigns described above and for your local website or eCommerce store copy. That way, every page with your business’s logo stamped on it ranks highly on Google.

    We also know how to compete with strategic keywords rather than going for the most expensive or obvious keywords already dominated by competing brands. With Swarm’s SEO services, you’ll capitalize on existing opportunities and make the most of SEO gaps.

  3. Get Local or Hyperlocal with SEO in NYC

    Need to bring locals to your brand? Swarm can help with that, too. In fact, local SEO in NYC is something we’ve done before and to excellent effect. Using locally targeted keywords, we can bring people in your geographic area to your retail or online store more consistently than ever before.

    Keep in mind that there are about 75 ZIP codes and neighborhoods in NYC. Swarm has created proprietary hyperlocal software that helps your website rank in every one of these areas. What does this mean? If you’re a florist, we want you to come up when someone searches “Best Digital Marketing Agency in 10001” or “Website Developer near the West Village.” Our goal is to drive more brand awareness and visibility to your website. SwarmSEO is a solution.

  4. PPC Ads

    PPC ads are another specialty of ours. The right PPC campaign can help your business compete effectively for top positions for major keywords, dominating your industry niche. With Swarm, you can run effective PPC ad campaigns on both Google Ads and Bing Ads, plus pick the right PPC ads to avoid draining too much from your marketing budget.

  5. Influencer Marketing

    The social media age is upon us, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of influencer marketing with Swarm. When you contract with us, we will develop and manage influencer marketing campaigns that produce great results for your brand. Using platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and others, we’ll help you captivate an audience and build influence over your marketing niche. We’ve done campaigns like this before, so we know what works and what doesn’t!

Image on how Swarm Digital can help your small business

Content Writing to Compel and Convert

In all digital marketing, content creation is a top priority. That’s why Swarm also produces compelling and converting content for each of our clients.

Content writing in NYC, including content with images, charts, videos, and more, is a staple service we offer. We’ll use our SEO expertise throughout our copywriting efforts, too, so each blog post you put out and every product announcement you make will draw more and more people to your brand.

We’ll look at important keywords to compete for before drawing up content outlines and producing copy for your site. Whether you want your content to sell products to customers, build brand authority in your niche, or simply bolster brand awareness to new customers, the right content can make it happen.

Iconic Graphic Design Services NYC

Good graphic design is key, especially if you want to master the digital marketing space. Swarm can help with our graphic design services, whether that means redoing your website, taking excellent photos of your products for your eCommerce shop, or something else entirely.

Memorable Logo Design for Companies Like Yours in the NYC Area

More specifically, Swarm can help you come up with a memorable logo design that’s instantly recognizable in your industry and that sticks in the minds of your target audience members.

A good logo can do a lot of legwork when it comes to marketing – after all, just think about iconic logos like Apple’s or Nike’s. Depending on your brand’s industry, target audience, and price point, our design experts will create a unique logo that speaks to your people and that feels unique and relevant to your offerings.

Then we’ll put that logo everywhere you need it, whether it’s online via your website,  advertisements, your eCommerce shop, and your blog posts or traditional print material like business cards and stationery.

Spread the Word with Online Reputation Management

These days, a single bad review can tank even the most effective marketing campaign. That’s why it’s important to contract Swarm’s online reputation management services. There are over 200,000 businesses in NYC. Whether you’re a laundry mat, nail salon, restaurant, or locksmith, there’s competition across the street and down the block. How are you going to stand out from your competitors?

Online reputation management in NYC is vital so that disgruntled customers don’t cause you a headache later down the road or misrepresent your services. Swarm will contact bad review writers, intervene on your behalf with review sites and their managers, and prevent false reviews from ruining your reputation.

We’ll also get in touch with pleased customers to ask about testimonials. A few good testimonials can make a huge difference when trying to bring new people to your company, plus help your brand rank more highly with Google and Bing. It helps that we’re highly ranked on several review sites.

Web Hosting for 24/7 Reliability & Security

Last but not least, Swarm can help with web hosting in NYC and beyond. As certified partners for both Google Cloud and WPEngine, we can ensure that your eCommerce shop or brand website gets the server resources it needs to provide security and consistency for your customers.

No need to worry about handling updates by yourself or all of your data vanishing into the ether after a single crash. The right web hosting solution from Swarm can stabilize your online presence and give your customers the peace of mind they need to shop at your brand. Swarms website hosting support is a top-tier solution for our client’s WordPress websites and costume solutions. We assure your website’s uptime is 99%, you have the backups, storage, and bandwidth you need. Most importantly, speed! Your website better be loading in around 1 second, if it’s not make sure you talk to our sales team!

We’ll Make a Mobile App that Amazes

That’s not all Swarm brings to the table. We can also assist with both web application and software development, as well as mobile app development. There’s an app for everything these days, so there ought to be one for your business!

At Swarm, we’ll work with your marketers and designers to make a fantastic mobile app experience for your consumers. If you have a mobile app idea, we want to make it happen exactly to your specifications.

Contact Swarm Digital Marketing Today!

When it comes to digital marketing, Swarm’s the best in the biz. As experienced NYC digital marketers, we’re well-equipped and ready to help your brand not just survive but thrive in the modern market. Contact us today to see how we can help your business succeed!