Video Marketing: Swarm Digital’s Answer to 2023
  • May 29th, 2023
  • Marketing
  • Mary Hubbard

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One thing’s for sure: video marketing is on the rise in 2023. In fact, 90% of consumers report that they want to see more videos from brands this year. As a result, many digital marketers are looking for ways to meet this demand and produce fresh, high-quality content their audience will love. Here, we’ll cover a few top trends in video marketing and how you can best leverage this tool to promote your brand.

Why video marketing?

Text is out. Video is in. Ok, it’s not really that simple – writing content is still important. But in many respects, text-based forms of communication are being increasingly displaced by video content. Ever since 1895, when the first moving picture was shown to an audience for pay, text-based content has been on the defensive. Since then, the popularity of magazines, books, instruction manuals, recipes, and countless other forms of print communication has been steadily falling. Why? Because video has been steadily displacing them.

Raindance has identified several important reasons why video marketing is so essential today. We’ll take a look at three of their top picks here.

Video marketing leads to sales

Did you know that just including a video on your site’s landing page can increase conversion rates by 86% or more? Videos help establish rapport and trust with your viewers, which boosts the likelihood that they’ll interact with your brand.

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Video marketing improves SEO

It’s no secret that Google’s algorithm prioritizes pages with video content. In fact, you’ll be 53x more likely to end up on Google’s first page if your page incorporates some video content. Users are more likely to click on a search result if it includes a video thumbnail, too. Clearly, even a limited amount of video content can boost your organic traffic exponentially.

Video marketing increases your social media presence

93% of social media marketers have identified video — particularly short-form video — as a key component of their 2023 strategies. Video content is shareable, entertaining, memorable, and preferred by most social media users over print content. Social media users are much more likely to share a marketing video than a blog post with images included (1200% more, actually). In fact, the potential for social media sharing should shape every marketing video you produce.

Creating winning content for your video marketing campaign

Video content gives you golden opportunities to capture viewers who wouldn’t otherwise engage with your brand. For better or for worse, 2023 consumers are watching online video content for an average of 17 hours a week. But you only have a few seconds to capture your viewers’ attention before they lose interest and click away. We’ve got some tips for creating high-value video marketing content to engage and motivate your audience.

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Focus on storytelling

Every customer, brand and product has a story with a beginning, middle and end. It’s up to you to draw your viewers into those stories. A good story arouses its viewers’ emotions, prompting the release of oxytocin to help viewers feel personally involved with your brand. It also involves relatable characters and an engaging plot, with attention-getting elements like crisis, suspense, and resolution. The characters might be hypothetical (or real) customers, the founders or employees behind your brand, or even your product itself (everyone loves a good origin story)! Even a webinar or explainer video can be written to incorporate some key storytelling elements.

Don’t skip a call to action

Your video should be informative, entertaining or both — but the end of the day, don’t forget that its ultimate purpose is marketing. Keep enough focus on your brand and product to render your message clear. Also, be sure to leave your audience with a clear next step you’d like them to take.

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Get up close and personal

Why are 2023 consumers increasingly drawn to behind-the-scenes footage, casual interview footage, and Q&A sessions? We might look at the increasing scrutiny on corporate ethics, or the rise of social media platforms like TikTok that encourage authenticity and spontaneity. Whatever the reasons, the personalities and values behind your brand are more important today than ever. Video marketing is a great platform for giving your audience a glimpse behind the curtain and helping them feel personally connected with you.

Riding the wave of today’s video marketing trends

Video marketing trends revolve quickly, and some of last year’s approaches are already old news. Want to take advantage of the hottest production strategies for digital marketing in 2023? We’ll discuss a few of them below.

Live videos

Thanks to social media platforms that increasingly favor video content, live videos are easier to share with your audience than ever before. Consider offering live marketing videos on one of these top five platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Use live video to build relationships with your followers through product demos, how-to guides or Q&A sessions. Think outside the box and don’t limit your live video to hard-sell tactics. You can offer free classes and tutorials, support group sessions, clubs, or other social events that add value to your brand.

Mobile-friendly videos

Around 60% of all global internet traffic comes from mobile devices. If your video isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities.

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User-generated videos

Decades ago in small-town America, direct word-of-mouth advertising was a lot more useful than it is today. Your loyal customers and prospective customers might not be bumping into each other on the sidewalk every day, but you can still reap the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising through user-generated video content. Allowing fans of your brand to generate promotional content has the obvious benefit of saving you money — and it also boosts your brand’s authenticity. A few of the top methods for using user-generated content include:

  • paid sponsors
  • unboxing videos and customer testimonials
  • sidewalk interviews
  • employee interviews

Vlog sponsorships

In 2022, vlogs enjoyed a global usage reach of over 25%. Often combining entertainment with educational content, the best vlogs build a sense of community and friendship between the vlogger and their viewers. If you can find a reputable vlogger who aligns with your brand’s target audience and values, you can leverage their success to benefit your brand.

Use video to supplement a successful digital marketing strategy

Ultimately, video marketing is only one piece of the puzzle. To reach its full potential, your brand needs a comprehensive digital marketing strategy including content creation, graphic design and branding, website development, and SEO. The experts at Swarm Digital Marketing are ready to dig in. Check out our portfolio of satisfied clients today, or call us at (855) 244-4407.

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1. Why is video marketing important in 2023?

Video marketing is important in 2023 because it leads to increased sales, improves SEO, and boosts social media presence. With 90% of consumers wanting to see more videos from brands, it’s essential for digital marketers to meet this demand.

2. How does video marketing lead to sales?

Including a video on your site’s landing page can increase conversion rates by 86% or more. Videos help establish rapport and trust with viewers, increasing the likelihood that they’ll interact with your brand.

3. How does video marketing improve SEO?

Google’s algorithm prioritizes pages with video content, making it 53x more likely for your page to end up on Google’s first page. Users are also more likely to click on a search result with a video thumbnail.

4. How does video marketing increase social media presence?

Video content is shareable, entertaining, and preferred by most social media users over print content. Social media users are 1200% more likely to share a marketing video than a blog post with images.

5. What are some tips for creating high-value video marketing content?

Focus on storytelling, include a clear call to action, and get up close and personal with your audience.

6. What are the top trends in video marketing for 2023?

Live videos, mobile-friendly videos, user-generated videos, and vlog sponsorships are some of the top trends in video marketing for 2023.

7. How can live videos be used for marketing?

Live videos can be used for product demos, how-to guides, Q&A sessions, free classes, and other social events that add value to your brand.

8. What makes a video mobile-friendly?

Mobile-friendly videos are vertically formatted, under two minutes, engaging within seconds, carefully edited with quick transitions, and accessible for silent viewing.

9. How can user-generated videos be used for marketing?

User-generated videos can be used for paid sponsorships, unboxing videos, customer testimonials, sidewalk interviews, and employee interviews.

10. How can vlog sponsorships benefit my brand?

Vlog sponsorships can benefit your brand by leveraging the success of reputable vloggers who align with your target audience and values. This can help build a sense of community and friendship between the vlogger and their viewers, ultimately benefiting your brand.