What Is the SwarmSEO WordPress Plugin?
  • January 25th, 2022
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When you hire an SEO company, you want them to pay for themselves. That means their efforts should bring in customers and increase revenue. But you have to select one that’ll keep you ahead of rapidly changing algorithms—and in 2022, that means hyperlocal search. Here at Swarm Digital, we’ve built an SEO tool to stay ahead of search engine shifts and generate traffic: the SwarmSEO WordPress Plugin.  In this article, you’ll learn what the SwarmSEO WordPress Plugin is, why it’s not a waste of words, and how it can help bring clients to your door.

The Short Answer

The SwarmSEO WordPress Plugin is an innovation designed to bring ready-to-buy customers to your business. It makes multiple pages on your website built around neighborhoods near where you operate. Those pages then drive traffic your way. 

Let’s say your business is in New York City. NYC has five boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. The SwarmSEO WordPress Plugin makes five new pages on your site, one for each of those boroughs. It even creates pages for individual neighborhoods like Greenpoint, Rochdale Village, West Harlem, Bushwick, etc. We call the resulting pages Swarm Pages.

Who cares? How will that make you more money? Great questions. Before giving the long answer, we first need to define a few terms commonly used in our industry. The goal is to help clear away the white noise so you understand how Swarm Digital gives your business a unique SEO advantage.  

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First, Let’s Define Some Terms

We want to make sure you understand five terms: SEO, hyperlocal marketing, landing pages, WordPress, and WordPress plugin. If you know what all that means already, skip ahead.

SEO “Search Engine Optimization.”  

SEO is the practice of making your website show up on a search engine–like Google’s results page in the “organic” section (meaning you don’t pay per click, like the ads).  

Let’s say you run a shoe store in Waukegan, Illinois. A potential customer googles “Shoe sale near me.” In a perfect world, your store would be the number one, most attractive, most popular-looking result they get–no ads, just organic. When that happens, it’s a result of well-implemented SEO.

But there’s more to it than just Google. Customers search via Yelp, Siri, Alexa, Waze, and more. Good SEO casts a vast–yet specific–net to bring you paying customers.

Hyperlocal SEO

Customers want what’s close. If a product or service can come to them, great–if it’s nearby, it’ll get to them faster. If they have to get in the car and drive to it, the closer, the better. 

In response, the web has become increasingly focused on location. People Google “golf clubs near me,” “Crossfit gyms in my zip code,” and more. This has changed the way SEO is implemented as well.

Hyperlocal SEO is the practice of optimizing websites to ensure that customers find you where you’re at–your neighborhood, your zip code, your address, your product, or your service.

Landing Page

A landing page is a page on your website designed for people in a specific market or campaign to see first. They’re often designed to capture leads, sell specific products, or otherwise help businesses market granularly on the web. 


WordPress is what’s called a “website platform.” That means it’s a type of software used to build a website. Have you seen commercials for sites like Wix where people can make fast-and-easy websites? Wix is a website platform. 

WordPress is one of the most powerful, well-respected, and oldest platforms out there. It’s used by some of the biggest businesses on earth: Sony, CNN, Disney, Wired, Microsoft, Etsy, TED, and more run WordPress sites, according to this article.  

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At SwarmDigital, we use WordPress and have been doing so for decades. We trust it, and it works.

WordPress Plugin

A WordPress Plugin is an app you install on a WordPress website to make it do more stuff. WordPress Plugins make slideshows, add Social links, pipe in Google or Yelp reviews, and things like that. Some Plugins, like ours, are robust and scalable SEO tools.

Okay, got all that? Let’s dig a little deeper so you understand what the SwarmSEO WordPress Plugin is and how it can help grow your business.

What Is the SwarmSEO WordPress Plugin?

The SwarmSEO WordPress Plugin is a plugin for websites, designed by us, that creates specific pages designed to drive hyperlocal traffic to your business’s doorstep. Because of the emergence of hyperlocal SEO, it’s crucial to craft dynamic web pages to cast a net that includes neighborhoods near you. 

Circling back to our original illustration, let’s say your business is in NYC. Why do you want one separate landing page for each of New York’s five boroughs? Because customers are searching with terms like “near me,” “best pizza in Bed-Stuy NYC,” “Queens pour-over coffee.” The SwarmSEO WordPress Plugin harnesses a powerful website-building platform–WordPress–and automates hyperlocal SEO. The result? Customers who want to do business with you are more likely to find you.

Many businesses rely too much on Google My Business, social media, and pay-per-click advertising. There’s a huge downside to that strategy: searches tend to rely on the users’ location, which means a competitor in a neighboring zip code might take up your search ranking. Swarm Pages connect people searching with local purchasing intent to your business.  

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So What Does it Do for Me?

Check out this stat:

80% of local mobile searches result in a purchase within one day. EIGHTY PERCENT.

55% of conversions happen within one hour of the local search.

SwarmSEO WordPress Plugin targets these searches for your business. SwarmSEO gives you a chance to earn that business. 

SwarmSEO Can Help Grow Your Business

That’s the difference between hiring a web designer and partnering with an SEO agency to grow your customer base continually. It’s the SwarmSEO advantage.

Ready to learn more? Find out how Swarm Digital can help. We offer a free consultation—let us know your needs and how we might help be a part of your success. Click here for a consult or call us directly at +1(855) 244-4407. We can’t wait to hear from you.